AuthPass | On-Premises PasswordLess Logon For Active Directory

On-Premises Passwordless Logon For Active Directory

Use Your Favorite FIDO2 Token

AuthPass is compatible with most FIDO2 tokens available today. Already have a FIDO2 token? Then you're ready to go.

Is My Token Compatible?

Forget Passwords For Good

AuthPass provides strong hardware-based authentication which eliminates the risk of relying on static passwords to access your accounts.
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Biometrics, But Better

Fingerprint Access

Your password is history. Enjoy fast one-touch login without needing to type your Username.

Token Authentication

AuthPass isn't just biometric, it's true Two-Factor Authentication. Login requires your fingerprint and YOUR hardware token so no one else can use it.

Protected Credentials

Tokens process all fingerprint authentications securely on-device. AuthPass never sees or stores ANY biometric data.

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